lundi 3 février 2020

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What: This is an African restaurant with spicy barbecue, steaks, etc.

Where: Dubai Mall

Price: AED 80 and higher

Opening hours: 11:30 a.m. at midnight

Many other restaurants in Dubai also serve good quality steaks. Although the steak is not considered healthy, cheap or even exotic, many people who love meat love the steak for its flavor, tenderness and juiciness. The way he feels in his mouth. People have different preferences for cutting the steak and the degree of cooking; if it is rare, medium rare, medium or well done steak. The rare steak is almost raw, the rare medium is a little more cooked, the medium is cooked for some time while the well cooked steak is well cooked. There is no difference between these in terms of nutrients. Those who are health conscious can eat steak in smaller portions. Some restaurants also offer a selection of beef steaks fed with grass and grains.

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